2nd Things to Consider

These are things that you do not need to do immediately, but would be a good idea to think about before your disease becomes more advanced.  If financially feasible:

– Take a vacation, while you can still travel before you become wheelchair-bound (ALS progresses differently for everyone.  In my case, I was wheelchair-bound about 6 months after being diagnosed.)

– If you enjoy eating certain foods for pleasure, take the opportunity to eat anything you can and want while you are still able to safely swallow and do so.  In later stages, it becomes harder to eat a variety of food because of difficulty with swallowing/breathing.  Gaining weight is typically not an issue after diagnosis, since most people will ALS will unintentionally lose weight as the disease progresses.

– Home remodeling can be a difficult decision to make.  The simplest answer is only consider a remodel if absolutely necessary.  Please refer to the home remodel section under the “Caregiver Tips” tab on the menu.

–  Order a medical alert wristband/bracelet

– Consider installing a medical alarm monitor for unexpected falls

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